Updating B9S

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Required Reading

This page is for existing boot9strap users to update their installation of boot9strap to the latest version.

There have been reports of a wave of bans being handed out to CFW users by Nintendo. To protect yourself, please do the following steps before starting this guide:

  1. Go to System Settings, then “Internet Settings”, then “SpotPass”, then “Sending of System Information”
  2. Disable the “Sending of System Information” option
  3. Exit the System Settings
  4. Go to your Friend’s List (the Face Icon in the top row of your Home Menu)
    • If you receive an error and are kicked out of the menu, the Friend’s List setting is already disabled
  5. Go to the Friend’s List settings, then “Friend Notification Settings”, then “Show friends what you’re playing”
  6. Disable the “Show friends what you’re playing” option
  7. Exit your Friend’s List

What You Need


Section I - Prep Work

For all steps in this section, overwrite any existing files on your SD card.

  1. Power off your device
  2. Insert your SD card into your computer
  3. Create a folder named boot9strap on the root of your SD card
  4. Copy cleanup_sd_card.gm9 to the /gm9/scripts/ folder on your SD card
  5. Copy SafeB9SInstaller.firm from the SafeB9SInstaller .zip to the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card
  6. Copy boot9strap_dev.firm and boot9strap_dev.firm.sha from the boot9strap .zip to the /boot9strap/ folder on your SD card
  7. Reinsert your SD card into your device

Section II - Installing boot9strap

  1. Reboot holding (Start) during boot to launch the Luma3DS chainloader menu
  2. Launch SafeB9SInstaller by pressing (A)
  3. Wait for all safety checks to complete
  4. When prompted, input the key combo given to install boot9strap
  5. Once it has completed, hold (Start) while pressing (A) to reboot your device to the Luma3DS chainloader

Section III - Cleanup SD Card

  1. Launch GodMode9 by holding (Start) during boot
  2. If you are prompted to create an essential files backup, press (A) to do so, then press (A) to continue once it has completed
  3. Press (Home) to bring up the action menu
  4. Select “More…”
  5. Select “Scripts…”
  6. Select “cleanup_sd_card”
  7. When prompted, press (A) to proceed
  8. Press (A) to continue
  9. Press (Start) to reboot

It is recommended that you use Luma3DS Updater to update your Luma3DS installation after you have completed the boot9strap update.